Best Practices for An Email Welcome Series

What is An Email Welcome  Series?

This is one of those lovely, the answer is in the question situations. An email welcome series as a drip campaign (a series of emails automatically sent over a certain period of time) that onboards (welcomes) users to your company. 

It typically features three emails, is triggered by a user subscribing to your email list for the first time and uses a value-add discount code to close sales.

The strategic marketing goal here is primarily customer acquisition, followed by conversion and then funneling customers into the nurture, retention cycle. 

Email Welcome series best practices

Picture this: a potential customer has landed on your website for the first time. They’re new to your brand and they don’t know much about it. A few of your products catch their eye, but they’re not sure if they should purchase quite yet.

As they scroll through your web pages, a popup window appears. It says, “10% OFF when you sign up for email.” Maybe it’s even branded with language that is relatable to your user. (Hint: do this.)

The discount makes the user feel more comfortable buying one of your products for the first time. They simply enter their email address, click submit and the discount is delivered right to their inbox.

From there, the user will start their journey within your welcome email series. Your carefully crafted flow will push the user to convert to a customer and acclimate them to receiving emails from your brand that they find useful opening. 


Why do we recommend a 3-part drip campaign as an email marketing best practice?

Sure, you could set up one welcome email and call it a day. However, there are measurable benefits to setting up your welcome email in a series format.

Benefits Of An EMAIL Welcome Series

Capturing lost opportunities:
A subscriber opens up your first email, but may not act on it in the moment. The next email is a reminder and the third and final email emphasizes a sense of urgency to close the sale.

Sharing information in short, digestible pieces:
To ensure the message you want known is actually seen, any marketing email you send should be no more than 200 words and ecomm sites should use image (product) heavy designs.

How Important is an Email Welcome Series?

Your welcome series is one of the most vital flows in your email marketing program

In fact, according to our email marketing partner Klaviyo, “the average welcome message has an open rate 63% higher than a traditional email campaign and a click rate 86% higher.” 

It is your first chance to make an impression on a new customer and show the value of continued communication with your brand. Your goal is to not only to make a sale from this first-time subscriber but to also increase your overall AOV and lay the foundation for a long term customer.

Tell the subscriber about your company, what you do, and the benefits that they’ll receive by remaining a subscriber on your list. The more that your subscribers enjoy and trust your brand, the more likely they are in repeating a purchase. 

How to Set Up a Email Welcome Series

1. Choose your welcome discount:

Entice your subscribers to make their first purchase. We recommend a discount of 10% OFF as a general rule of thumb. It’s a small enough percentage that won’t affect your margins, even if you’re a premium brand. Brands who do not offer a welcome discount are less likely to convert with first-time subscribers.

2. Set up the flow triggers, filters and timeline

 − Many email marketing providers will offer templates. You can start with one of these and updates the details as needed, or start with a custom flow.
 − Set the trigger to a user joining the main subscriber list or segment. (Note, we’re assuming that your e-comm store and email platform are already integrated. If not, go back and make that step one.) 
 − Set your initial email to send immediately after opt-in.
 − Set a 2-3 day time delay before the second email sends.
 − Set a 3-5 day time delay from the second email before the third email sends. 
 − You can add filters to your second and their emails that exclude users who purchased in X number of days, i.e. you closed a sale from the previous emails. Or, you can typically set a filter on your overall account to not send to users who have purchased within a specific time period. If you’d like for your exclusions to be more granular on specific emails, you can set those filters at the flow level as well. 

3. Create your three email templates

 − Email #1 
Include the welcome discount, along with a quick introduction to the company. Keep the email short and simple. Remember that whenever you talk about your company, position it in terms of the user — how the use of your product or service will fulfill their need or desire. 
 − Email #2 
Repeat your welcome discount, feature best selling products, and be sure to call out any value propositions or company info your user would find interesting, like free shipping or the brand’s commitment to a charity or cause.
 − Email #3 
In this final email, feature the discount again but with a sense of urgency. Call out an expiration date of the code, or that best sellers are low on stock.

Once your flow, trigger and filters are set and your creatives are in place, your series is ready to be turned on! We of course recommend sending a few test emails and even entering yourself into the flow to ensure best user experience. Triple check those links!

An Email Welcome Series...

Can boost your revenue and AOV.

Is one of the most important campaigns in email marketing.

Performs best with a discount.

Cultivates brand loyalty. 

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Best Practices for An Email Welcome Series
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