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Most people want to live a “healthy” life. You know the drill: try to maintain a healthy diet by incorporating plenty of fruits and vegetables into our meals, avoid processed foods, cut down on carbs and sugar intake, etc. In this effort to be healthier, we tend to focus more on what we’re putting in our bodies than what we’re putting on them. Enter X Agency client, Follain, a brand that makes the case that what you’re putting on your body absolutely matters.


What Is Follain?

Follain is a clean beauty brand focused on carrying products that complete rigorous approval processes that restricts toxic, non-wholesome ingredients and that provide a sense of luxury and self-care while remaining affordable. Follain was born from the realization that many skincare and beauty products claim to be “clean,” but, are not.

“I started my clean beauty journey over 10 years ago after realizing that my “healthy” lifestyle had a huge blind spot: I was exercising and eating clean, but I had no idea what I was putting on my body. That’s when I discovered all the toxins hiding inside my beauty products. I started a blog to share information, and received an inspiring response from so many women with the same concerns. We deserved answers—and products that worked without putting our health (or the planet) at risk.”

– Follain founder Tara Foley

Follain offers a range of products to suit every skin type, texture, and tone. They believe that no one should have to compromise their health for beauty and that everyone should have a range of skincare, makeup, hair, and body products to back this up. They promise, and deliver, products that are high performance, indulgent, and uncompromisingly clean.

The X Impact

With increasing competition in the clean beauty industry, X Agency has taken a strategic approach to growing Follain’s eCommerce. We’ve leaned heavily into testing: identifying new ways to differentiate their paid advertising strategy in a rapidly changing consumer market. X Agency was an integral partner in changing their user experience on-site earlier this year and continues to elevate new customer acquisition tactics in a competitive landscape.

Why X Agency Loves Follain

One of our values is integrity. We love working with the Follain team because of how they embody this value. They are committed to clean beauty and providing access to superior quality products. They continue to mold and shape the beauty industry for the better and we are proud to be able to support this effort.

Where to Find Follain

Discover the difference clean beauty can make in your routine. You can find Follain on Instagram and Facebook @Follain and at


Follain is a must know (and must use!) in the clean beauty industry. They’ve set the highest standards for how skincare and beauty products should be.

With X Agency as a partner, Follain has continued to revolutionize the beauty industry through strategic growth, differentiation, and years of expertise in all things paid advertising.

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Client Spotlight | Follain
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