Facebook’s New Role In Digital Marketing. Takeaways + The Recording Of Our Virtual Event With ISLE

Last week, X Agency’s Darwin Liu & Rachel Anderson sat down with Cedric Penders & Reed Naliboff of ISLE to strategize Facebook’s new role in digital marketing. If you missed our virtual panel, have no fear! The recap and recording are here.


Key Takeaways

1. Explore Various Marketing Channels

One major result of the iOS14 update is that targeting is tough. It’s important to truly understand your customer and be fearless about adapting. Try exploring other marketing channels. (If you’re smaller and/or just getting started, exhaust ALL FREE options before you start paying.)  Remember: the iOS update impacts everything, not just Facebook.

2. Don't Drastically Cut Spend

Facebook is still important, so don’t cut back spend. Help your manager and/or a decision maker in your company understand that anytime Facebook gets cut, it will impact the bottom line. Be sure to look at spend in each channel and see how it impacts top-line revenue. It can be hard to know where revenue is coming from so you need to understand where each channel fits into the marketing funnel.

3. Guide Your Customers

Be a guide for your consumer. ISLE example, “find your perfect paddle board ” quiz. This tool has a very high conversion rate. Send the quiz results to the customer in exchange for a coupon or discount. Collect emails now to be prepared for Q4/Holiday 2021.

3. Utilize Brand Ambassador Programs

Brand advocates are important! It’s the modern day word of mouth. These can be Brand Ambassadors or influencers. If you do start working directly with your biggest fans and users by asking them to create content, it’s important to provide guidelines so their content is usable.

Q4 Advice

Start early with weekly cyber month deals. If you wait, customers will have already spent their holiday shopping budget.

Be prepared. Have a great agency partner, like X A. (Seriously, we’re here to help!)

Have as much tracking set up as possible. Facebook pixel, etc.

Make sure your site is optimized for conversions (CRO). Site speed is high, path to purchase is free from blockers.


Even though the iOS14 update is posing new challenges for businesses, there are still several ways to continue using Facebook to grow your business and see profitable results.

The key is to be prepared, plan ahead, and get creative.

Did You Miss The Virtual Event?

Watch the full recording here!
Facebook’s New Role In Digital Marketing. Takeaways + The Recording Of Our Virtual Event With ISLE
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