Is Your Facebook Campaign Maximizing Facebook’s Ad Formats?

One of the keys to building a killer (read: revenue driving) Facebook marketing strategy is to leverage the correct ad types for your campaigns. 

Different ad formats fulfill different objectives and goals, some perform better than others, and a couple of Facebook’s ad types have hidden features that you may not even know about.

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What’s A Facebook Ad Format?

An ad format on Facebook is how your ad will display in the feed and the text.

Types of Facebook Ads

– Single Image
– Video
– Carousel
– Collection

Only 4? Sounds simple, right? Not quite… let’s go more in depth into each format to discuss capabilities and how to choose which Facebook ad to use.

Facebook Single Image Ads

While this may be the most commonly used ad type, the single image Facebook ad does not always have the best return. It is fairly simple to set up, using one photo, typically a 1:1 ratio, plus the basic ad text, landing page name, headline, description and call to action.

Why use the single image ad format? 

– You want to promote a specific product or service

– You want your image to be the main focus of the ad. Single image ads offer the biggest aspect ratio in any ad format.

– You want to specifically have a story placement

– You don’t have access to multiple images

What we’ve seen with single image ad formats?

– They performed the least out of all the other ad formats as they are not really dynamic or interactive.

Would we use it in our campaigns?

– We would use single image formatted ads in our campaigns with low budgets and use it for testing purposes only.


The single image Facebook ad is the most commonly used ad type, as it promotes a specific product or service.

But, it does not always have the best return because it is not dynamic or interactive.

Facebook Video Ads

This ad format features, you guessed it, a video. The key element to a good video ad is selecting the correct type of video to promote. This means short and captivating. Preferably with captions for users who watch the video with no sound. Seriously, 85% of video ads are watched with no sound.

Why would you pick this ad format from the others? 

– When you want your ads to be more creative than a still image

– To use a GIF

– Remarket based on video views

What we’ve seen with video ad formats?

– They performed quite well in the ad mix, typically earning more impressions than the single image ad. 

Would we use it in our campaigns?

– Yes, video ads are great to get your audience more engaged.

Best Facebook Ads Strategy

Facebook Carousel Ads

Best Facebook Ads StrategyAn ad format that allows you to have multiple “slides” or “cards” that can either be images or videos. You can select the creatives manually or use your product catalogue to fill the slides automatically.

Each slide can feature a unique headline, description and landing page. Meaning you can promote multiple specific items within one ad, typically resulting in a higher conversion rate for these ads.

This ad format will most likely be your bread winner in every single campaign, if utilized correctly.

Why would you pick this ad format from the others?

– To utilize both images and videos in your ads

– To link a variety of products or pages within your site

– To encourage audience engagement with your brand, as carousel ad format increases your clicks

What we’ve seen with carousel formats?

– Let me say this again — this ad format will be your bread winner.

– Carousel and collection ad format allows your creative genius to come out as they are many different options you can do with these carousel ads.

Would we use it in our campaigns?

– Duh! If you’re not, then you’re leaving money on the table. 

Here are a couple of additional tips for optimizing your Facebook carousel ads:

– Make sure your images and videos are a 1:1 aspect ratio

– Take advantage of the additional customizations Facebook offers

Best Facebook Ads Strategy

– You can add a custom frame or product information to each carousel slide

– There are a variety of information types that can be featured, as well as a selection of fonts and colors

Best Facebook Ads Strategy

With this type of ad, you can promote multiple specific items within one ad, typically resulting in a higher conversion rate. This ad format will definitely be your bread winner.

Facebook Collection Ads

This ad format is the one of the hidden gems of Facebook marketing entirely. Collection ads do require more set up time. However, this means that less brands are using them in their social media marketing mix, a.k.a the opportunity to give you a competitive advantage.

It consists of either a single image or video as your featured “banner” creative, plus a product catalog at the bottom of that banner — your collection.

Note: this ad format only applies to facebook mobile users since it opens up a completely customizable instant experience on your phone or tablet. Lucky for you, as of January 2020, 98% of Facebook users were using the app through a mobile phone.

Why would you pick this ad format from the others? 

– This is the most interactive ad that best leverages e-commerce products.

– You can choose from premade templates or completely customize an instant experience from scratch.( See Image 1a. below)

– Mobile customers are the majority of FB users and you would be targeting the majority. 

What we’ve seen with collection ads?

– Quality, engagement rate, 

– Drive quality traffic with notable conversions rates

– Efficient returns with higher ROAS than single image or video ads

Would we use it in our campaigns?

– Yes. The collection ad format is optimal for e-commerce and sets your brand apart.

Best Facebook Ads Strategy
Best Facebook Ads Strategy

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Is Your Facebook Campaign Maximizing Facebook’s Ad Formats?
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