Join Us for X Agency’s Virtual Panel on How To Win Q4 and Holiday 2020

Q4 and holiday 2020 for ecommerce businesses

hear our predictions for Holiday 2020 and strategies on how to win Q4

It’s September and you’re already behind on your digital marketing strategy for Holiday 2020. Have no fear, we’re here for you.

X Agency (and friends) wants to help businesses execute airtight digital marketing strategies for Q4 2020. Join us for a virtual panel discussion on September 16, 2020 at 3pm ET.  X Agency’s CEO, Darwin Liu, will be joined by our client, Emma O’Connor from Follain and our friend, Daniel Head, from TOMs shoes where they’ll share their predictions and strategies for how not just to prepare your business but win Q4 2020.

We’ve put a lot of stock into the theory that Black Friday is canceled and Q4/Holiday 2020 is going to be, like everything else this year, unprecedented. The one thing you can do for your business is prepare like you’ve never prepared before. You’ve got this!

Is your marketing program inefficient, not ready for Q4, or not hitting your revenue goal? Want to work with X Agency? Book a discovery call with us now. 

**We will not be bringing on new clients for Holiday 2020 after September 30.