X Agency Team Spotlight | Kevin Pham

X Agency is a team of digital marketing masterminds determined to make a lasting impact on our clients’ businesses and our partners, leaving the digital marketing space better than we found it. Kevin Pham, a Paid Social Account Manager, is a wizard in all things social advertising and is constantly sharing his wealth of knowledge with the team.

What Do You Like Most About Working At X Agency?

I enjoy how X Agency acts as a catalyst for me to grow outside of my work here. The principles, business knowledge, analytical, and innovative work I do here have applied to nearly all areas of my life. My work at X Agency has provided me with an abundance of opportunities and connections that I’m grateful for.

What are three brands you’re loving right now?

Cuts Clothing – They make up 50% of my closet. Most importantly, their marketing is ON POINT. 

Jacob & Co – Have you seen their watches?

Facebook – It’s my life.

What about digital marketing excites you?

It’s always evolving. No two days are alike.

If you could have lunch with three people dead or alive who would they be?

Kobe Bryant – I don’t watch basketball at all. I’m just very inspired by Kobe Bryant’s mindset and work ethic. I would love to dissect his thought process on decision-making in life, business, family, etc.

Jim Carrey – His movie, Bruce Almighty, moved me to want him to just talk to me about everything he knows or thinks about life, like manifestation and spirituality. Yeah, I’m into self-development!

50 Cent – I’d ask him if we can make a song together or have a small part in one of his upcoming shows. Even if the answer is “no”, I think having lunch with him would be a great time – he seems hilarious.

What is your favorite quote?

“You can’t be everything you want. But you can be everything that you are.” – Jay Shetty 

What are you reading/watching/listening to?

Finally, you have one hour free, how would you spend it?

With my friends & family.