Launched A Leading Female Retail Chain

Increase in conversions
We were tasked with starting a new brand from scratch and given a year to do so.
We created the best campaigns to drive ROI but like any large corporation, they wanted immediate growth. We tested many programs that didn’t bring ROI and in any event, our first year was nothing to brag about.
After 2 years of testing, analyzing and repeating, our ROI, sales and spend have beat our client’s expectations.
We took over in 2013 and focused on analyzing, rinsing and repeating versus letting the account run on auto-bidding.

Building A Multi Million Dollar Retail Chain

Increased Sales

Who Knew Office Supplies Could Do So Well

Increase in revenue
They were running autobidding and their shopping campaigns were capping out at 2PM.
With some major tweaks, we are now just about double the conversions at a lower CPO.
We had 9 days to fix an account for a client that wanted more revenue and clicks to their site.
With just a small tweaks here and there, not only did we increase clicks by 20,000, we dropped spend by over $4000. If we ran the account for the last 5 years, they would have had millions of additional clicks and revenue at a lower spend.

Increased Clicks While Decreasing Spend

Increased Clicks