We use Facebook to drive immediate, cost efficient, and targeted results for your business
to increase overall, conversions, revenue, & leads.

Paid Social Step on ROAs Throttle

CAMPAign mapping, essential campaigns

We implement our essential campaigns to act as a solid foundation to start your marketing efforts. These thoroughly tested campaigns are the core strategy we use to ensure impressive ROAS.

VALIDATING, Optimizing, Fixing the leaks

Once our essential campaigns have been implemented we let them run for 4-7 days before we make any changes, which gives reasonable time for Facebook to collect data and optimize from it. If a campaign drives poor performance then we will pause it and it can be revisited later.

First things first, we measure our performance against your main goal. Whether it’s CPA or ROAS, if a campaign does not achieve your aims then it will get paused so we can exclude different aspects and settings of the campaign, ad sets, & ad level. Once we gather enough data, we can properly determine what to exclude and what is actually working before we put additional ad spend into a campaign.

Paid Social Fixing Leaks
Paid Social Campaign Mapping

We Step On The ROAS Throttle

Once we fix the leaks, we can pour more ad spend into a winning campaign and drive up the ROAS. If we see a particular audience doing well in a certain campaign, then we can take that audience and build it into its own campaign for better efficiency and more control of ad spend.

Campaigns we Provide

Remarketing | Social Interaction

Remarketing | 
Add To Cart/Product View/All Visitors

Prospecting | 
LAL – Core

Prospecting | LAL – Consolidated

Prospecting | Interest | Competitors, General, Various

Can We be your guide?

A campaign producing revenue doesn’t mean it is producing the best that your budget can provide. At X Agency, there are no tricks, gimmicks or fluff data—the only metrics we focus on are ROI and revenue. Our decisions are data driven and our reports are transparent. This means that we optimize your digital marketing campaigns with highly skilled attention to produce the most amount of revenue for the least amount of spend.

Need Guidance? we've got you covered.

We’re growth engineers who craft your digital marketing roadmap to increase profitability. Channel agnostic, we’ll audit your current efforts and business landscape to identify the services to grow revenue at the most efficient spend.