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SEM Incremental Growth

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Stagnant SEM Program

The client’s SEM campaigns had been running for over 7 years, matured and had gone flat — no longer able to produce any further growth.

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X Agency Solution

SEM Campaign Optimization and Enhanced Features

In addition to being a digital marketing partner and supplying the client with comprehensive, omnichannel strategies, we implemented numerous SEM campaign optimizations to find the incremental growth that brought substantial revenue impact. First, we updated their product feed with Google best practices, working closely with Feedonomics to seamlessly implement changes and avoid negative performance impact. Then, we further optimized campaigns for shopping, smart display and dynamic search to increase visibility, drive more traffic to the website and ultimately increase revenue.

Plus, we leveraged our agency partnership with Google to include the client in cutting edge beta testing and implementation — making the account more competitive with by adding innovative features before they came available for market-wide rollout.


The XA team’s campaign optimization drove and converted more traffic for the client, resulting in a 15% revenue growth year over year. The efficiencies put into place were done with such finesse and expertise that ROAS remained constant.

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