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SEM Account Restructure

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Failing SEM Campaigns

The client came to us with search engine marketing campaigns that were falling flat and negatively impacting their digital marketing efforts for the online store. They needed to see digital efforts drive significant growth for a healthy bottom line. Their goal was to see a 30% growth in revenue resulting from SEM campaigns with a flat investment, meaning: spend the same amount they’ve been spending while increasing return. We did them one better.

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X Agency Solution

Complete Account Restructure

X Agency restructured the entire account, pivoting from a search-first approach (non-branded text ads) to a shopping-first approach—basing this decision on historical performance data coupled with years of experience in the industry working on similar businesses. We also knew a diverse approach in terms of campaign mix would allow us ultimate flexibility and ensure we were reaching both new and existing users at every level of the purchase funnel. To accomplish this, we quickly launched evergreen dynamic prospecting campaigns, dynamic remarketing campaigns, dynamic search campaigns. We also layered in timely, short-flighted search campaigns based on the client’s objective to capitalize on low-funnel, high-intent traffic. 

This approach allowed us to more quickly react to business and consumer trends and ensure that inefficient spending was quickly minimized and shifted to a more efficient campaign or channel.


Within 6 months of partnering with X Agency, the client surpassed their revenue growth goal while also decreasing their spend — an incredible value add that was not expected by the client and is a direct result of efficient campaign building.

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