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If the Covid-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we appreciate getting outside more than ever. In a time when stress and anxiety were at an all-time high, ISLE paddleboards offered the perfect outdoor escape to balance the mind, body, and soul. They believe that paddleboarding is an accessible, immediate, and direct path to achieving a healthier, calmer, and more fulfilling life, and devote their time and energy to helping others achieve this joy.


What Is ISLE?

ISLE was founded in 2004 with the mission to bring paddle boarding and all it does for overall health and well-being, to as many people as possible.

ISLE started with two San Diego surfers fresh out of college with a dream of following their passion for the water. On a whim, they left their newly found corporate jobs and haven’t looked back.  ISLE has grown into a premiere board company and one of the largest online retailers of paddle boards in existence. They knew if they concentrated on developing high-quality, value-driven products they could make it work. Their outstanding and consistent quality over the years is what has carried them to where they are today.

ISLE ships to the lower 48 states and has an international customer base as well as a busy retail store in San Diego, CA. Always rider owned and operated, they aim to spread their passion for the water one happy customer at a time.

Credit: @islepaddleboards on Instagram

The X Impact

X Agency works with ISLE in several channels: paid social, paid search, email, SEO, and strategy. Understanding that ISLE is in a very competitive, niche market, the X A team aids in making data-driven decisions to optimize at the highest level of detail. We strategically utilize spend and creatives to increase sales and revenue at the product level, at the category level, and at a more holistic level.

Why X Agency Loves ISLE

Team X loves working with ISLE because of the level of collaboration that’s been built. ISLE encourages the freedom to test different types of creative imagery across all channels, as well as the ability to try new targeting strategies.

ISLE’s goal is to improve people’s overall health and well-being through outdoor activity by making a board for everybody. This mission is easy to get behind, and we’re grateful to have them as a client.

Also, ISLE just has an insanely cool product that we love. Several Team X members own ISLE paddle boards and use them regularly.

Casie enjoying her ISLE board
Casie, of Team X, on her ISLE board

Where To Find ISLE

Feeling inspired to get out and try something new? You can find ISLE on Instagram and Facebook @ISLEpaddleboards and at


ISLE is a super cool company with an equally cool product and team. With X Agency’s partnership, they’re paving the way for outdoor & lifestyle brands everywhere. 

Want To Hear More From ISLE?

X Agency's Darwin Liu & Rachel Anderson sat down with Cedric Penders & Reed Naliboff of ISLE to strategize Facebook's new role in digital marketing. Click below to watch the full webinar!
Client Spotlight | ISLE
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