Client Spotlight | Luca + Danni

Partnering with a brand like Luca + Danni is an honor. Team X has a lot of admiration for this brand: from how the jewelry is created to what it stands for. Luca + Danni creates handmade jewelry that celebrates life’s special moments and X Agency has been challenged with maintaining this meaningful message while increasing overall revenue.


The Luca + Danni Story

Founded by Fred Magnanimi, he and his brother, Danny, spent their childhood summers in their family’s jewelry factory watching their father create beautiful, handcrafted pieces. They were taken with his ability to envision a piece before it was made, oftentimes seeing the finished product even before the sketches were complete. When Danny passed away from cancer, Fred left his job as an investment banker, relocated his family back to Rhode Island, and launched a Luca + Danni in his brother’s memory in the same factory where they ran around as kids.

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What Sets Luca + Danni Apart

Luca + Danni is a company rooted in family tradition. Creating jewelry that sparks memories and celebrates life’s special moments, their jewelry is constructed with care and all materials are thoughtfully sourced. The spirit of Luca + Danni connects people to moments that matter so that their customers can wear jewelry steeped with meaning.

The X Impact

X Agency significantly expanded the Luca + Danni Paid Media account by using strategies and tactics specific to each search engine channel. Utilizing the “X Way”, we launched product-specific campaigns targeting the right blend of prospecting for new high-value customers while also nurturing past purchasers for optimal brand retention and reactivation. Key to this was our leveraging of Google’s AI and bidding algorithms to create and fine-tune campaigns and ensure ads and products are shown to users who are going to convert. The result: increasing Search Engine Marketing Revenue between both Google and Bing YoY.

X Agency’s revenue-generating email department took an account that was struggling with deliverability and created a highly functioning email program that generates 15-20% of the company’s weekly revenue and took the open rate from below a 10% average to an 18% open rate. Some of our strategies included revamping all major email flows for increased deliverability and optimization across all inboxes. We moved the account from a shared IP address to a dedicated IP address for decreased bounce rate, higher open rates, and increased revenue and we focussed on our efforts to grow the top of the funnel by optimizing our lead generation forms on our website. Finally, customer segmentation and user actions were prioritized. This dictated who receives messages and when and allowed us to create a more nurturing and efficient email program.

Luca + Danni Valentine’s Day Sale

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one can sometimes be tough. You want to give a gift that is functional but also something that is meaningful and sparks emotion. Check out Luca + Danni’s Valentine’s Day Sale for your perfect gift this Valentine’s Day.

Where To Find Luca + Danni

Shop the newest styles, browse best-sellers, and find one-of-a-kind pieces on the Luca + Danni website! You can also follow them on Instagram @lucaanddanni and Facebook Luca + Danni.

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Client Spotlight | Luca + Danni
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