X Agency Team Spotlight: Grace Robinson

X Agency is a team of digital marketing masterminds determined to make a lasting impact on our partners and clients’ businesses, leaving the digital marketing space better than we found it. Grace Robinson, our SEO and Content Marketing Manager, is constantly thinking outside the box to help our clients not only meet but exceed their goals. 

About Grace

What do you like most about working at X Agency?

That growth, personally and professionally, is encouraged and fostered. For our clients, we work to grow their businesses through well-thought strategies, savvy tactics, and true dedication. For the staff as individuals, the leadership team here at X A promotes an environment (even virtually!) that shares the tools and resources needed for employee growth, in and out of the office. For the company as a whole, leadership trusts us as intelligent marketers to seek our input for ways to further grow the business, is humble enough to see there is always opportunity for improvement, and is ambitious enough to take action for capturing that opportunity.

What are three brands you are loving right now?

Elan Skin. The local med spa I go to in Nashville has totally nailed the 360 customer experience. It could just be the relaxing effects of a good facial, but I think the atmosphere and customer service also play into a good product! 

Express. Always and forever my go-to brand where I can find pants that actually fit me. I also enjoy hypothesizing what email triggers they have set up based on my (way too often) site browsing. 

Attentive Mobile. The newest piece of martech that I’m diving into and already appreciating the platform abilities and roadmap for improved client offerings.

What about digital marketing excites you and why?

The ability to create captivating “art” based on actual data. Yes, I’m calling email assets, product descriptions, site and blog content “art.”

what do you enjoy doing when you aren’t working?

You can find me juggling any combination of: working on designing the house I’m building from the ground up, planning a party for someone, barely making a flight to the next destination, crafting my most recent hands-on project, spending time with my family, or sharing a bottle of wine with friends. There’s most likely a good mystery novel or a few episodes of Bones worked in somewhere, too.

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At X Agency, there are no tricks, gimmicks or fluff data—the only metrics we focus on are ROI and revenue.
X Agency Team Spotlight: Grace Robinson
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