X Agency Team Spotlight: Marcos Almeida

X Agency is a team of digital marketing masterminds determined to make a lasting impact on our partners and clients’ businesses, leaving the digital marketing space better than we found it. Marcos Almeida, one of our Paid Search Account Managers,  has been with the team for three years and continues to build fantastic relationships with our clients and is always going the extra mile to achieve remarkable results.   

X Agency Team Spotlight: Marcos A.

About Marcos

Marcos Almeida is a Digital Marketer at X Agency who is passionate about exceeding his client’s goals and expectations. He diligent about his communication, understanding key metrics and forming strong relationships. Marcos gained a customer centric mindset while working in the luxury car industry. Those acquired skills have allowed him to foster exceptional relationships with his clients which only further drives success. Marcos is numbers driven and enjoys the analytical aspects of his role. His long-term goal is to continue driving revenue for his clients while taking on other business ventures.

What do you like most about working at X Agency

Since X Agency is a smaller organization, it gives us the ability to be creative with our strategies, extremely hands-on with our clients, and ultimately foster strong partnerships with them. This is very important to me since I thrive on building new relationships.

If you could have lunch with three people who would they be?

My grandfather. He played a pivotal role in my mom’s life and more so indirectly, in mine. Unfortunately, I was only around him for the first 7 years of my life but he molded my mom’s character and she definitely molded mine. I admire her strength and I am grateful for everything she’s taught me.

Tom Brady – I was a football player growing up and it truly became my passion. Naturally, growing up in Boston, I was also a huge New England Patriots fan. I’d love to sit down with Brady to learn more about how he developed such a strong work ethic. I’d also love to understand what truly motivates him every single day to be the best at what he does.

Jeff Bezos – For someone who started with so little and now has attained the ultimate amount of wealth, I’d love to understand his mindset and what it takes mentally to get to that place.

What are three brands you are loving right now?

I’m actually not a huge “brand name” person but here are three I admire:

Mercedes-Benz – I’m a “car person” and it goes without saying that Mercedes is one of the top luxury/performance automotive companies. Their branding and customer experience are unlike any other.

LG – Tech is another passion of mine and I’m a self proclaimed “tech nerd”. LG is one of the top manufacturers of TVs and electronics. They position themselves in the market in a way that makes their key differentiators stand out.

Dodge – While many other manufacturers have downsized their engines, Dodge continues to push the envelope. They consistently produce extremely powerful vehicles for a fraction of the price of other performance cars.

What about digital marketing excites you and why?

Digital marketing allows you to drive success and sales for your clients. Knowing that everything I do on a daily basis, could have a large impact on an entire organization, excites me. As I mentioned, I love building relationships with people. The more I get to know the clients I work with both personally and professionally, it adds to my motivation to make sure I’m driving the best results for them every single day.

Fwhat do you enjoy doing when you aren’t working?

I love spending time with my wife, dog, and family. Going to the beach, the gym, spending time with friends, traveling, and nowadays working on home projects.

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X Agency Team Spotlight: Marcos Almeida
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