X Recs: What We’re Loving Wednesday


Eatertainment: Top Golf

If you followed along with our X A IRL in Nashville, you know that Top Golf was a highlight of this experience. As we head into the throes of Q4 we maintain that an hour or two spent at this spot, conveniently under a mile from our Nashville office, is a great way to blow off some steam. Even if you’re not a golfer, the experience is accessible for all levels, plus the food and drink is A+. We recommend ordering the injectable donut holes.  Book a reservation here.

Book: A Future So Bright

As a team of data-minded, strategic thinkers and leaders, “hope” is not a part of our strategy. That said, Tech Humanist Kate O’Neill makes a compelling case for “Strategic Optimism” and we’re into it. With the mounting pressure on us as humans paired with a 24-hour news cycle, the future can seem grim. This book pushes us to imagine and take action on building a brighter future. She provides clear, tangible strategies and examples of how to do this. If you interact with someone from team X and you see a little more pep in our step, it’s because we’re opening up to the possibility that we can create a brighter future together. You can purchase the book here.

Bar: The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club

When we’re not teeing off at Top Golf you can find us at this not-so-secret Nashville hang. With its tucked-away location, you feel like you’re being transported to another time and place when you enter. Team X recommends you give the mezcal-based, “Redshirt Daisy” a try. We’re also super grateful for their partnership with our upcoming event co-sponsored with Klaviyo.

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X Recs: What We’re Loving Wednesday
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