X Recs: What We’re Loving Wednesday

What Team X is listening to, reading, and more. 

Podcast: Brave Commerce

Staying on top, or let’s be real, ahead of trends in the constantly evolving digital marketing space is incredibly important to us. “Brave Commerce”, hosted by Rachel Tipograph (Founder and CEO of Mik Mak) and Rachel Hofstetter (President of Profitero), “tackles what’s relevant in eCommerce with some of the world’s biggest brands.” We love it because it covers current trends in digital marketing and the hosts dig deep with each guest: uncovering strategic business practices and the human side of the industry. We especially love the question asked of each guest, “What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?” 

Download Brave Commerce

BOOK: SHoe Dog

One perk of working at an agency is having a hand in the tremendous growth of clients you work with. “Shoe Dog” is Phil Knight’s memoir documenting his early years at Nike, which would grow to be one of the world’s most iconic and recognizable brands. It delves into the many challenges and obstacles that most entrepreneurs face when building a brand, leaving the reader inspired to take risks and take action toward remarkable growth in their workplace. 

ISLE Paddle Boards

Getting outside and spending time in nature was a key theme for Team X in 2020 and isn’t going away anytime soon. ISLE paddle boards were (and still are) a constant for aiding in our QT with Mother Nature. You can find us SUPing around Nashville, Boston and on our vacations which have taken team members to Florida and Hawaii. We’re also humbled to call ISLE  a client and friend.

Casie enjoying her ISLE board
Casie, of Team X, on her ISLE board
X Recs: What We’re Loving Wednesday
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