High Demand When Inventory Is Scarce

The Challenge.

Increased Demand and Targeted Marketing Lead to High Inventory Turnover

Conversion rates improved, sales increased two-fold, which is a good thing right? YES! But, there was a challenge managing the inventory because it was low heading into ISLE’s busiest months of the year. ISLE’s marketing efforts needed to be strategic during these key months to keep ahead of competitors and serve as front of mind for eager buyers.


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The Solution.

The team at ISLE decided to begin serving pre-orders and worked with X Agency to push inventory. The ISLE team monitored inventory DAILY and was in regular communication with X Agency.

Communication between the agency and marketing & product teams is essential for all successful marketing efforts. If there is no inventory it doesn’t make sense to spend marketing dollars, but if there is no demand, then there’s no need to purchase more products and fill warehouses. X Agency and ISLE noticed this early on and had a plan to communicate about inventory weekly, while having a constant pulse on demand and return: Pinpointing best selling board types and relaying this back to the product team.

When it was clear that inventory was going to be low heading into key seasonal months, ISLE sold boards v pre- order. Selling pre-order allowed marketing to continue to serve ads and drive sales. Product relayed inventory counts 2-3 months out which allowed marketing to scale up or down knowing if inventory would be available, or not. Projections were established and once X Agency had a pulse of inventory levels, we did what we do best: MARKET

ISLE was able to maintain a marketing presence and drive sales during their peak seasonal months without letting their competitors into the mix and capture additional market share.


A campaign producing revenue doesn’t mean it is producing the best that your budget can provide. At X Agency, there are no tricks, gimmicks or fluff data—the only metrics we focus on are ROI and revenue. Our decisions are data driven and our reports are transparent. This means that we optimize your digital marketing campaigns with highly skilled attention to produce the most amount of revenue for the least amount of spend.

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