Capture Increased Demand and Grow Account

The Challenge.

Lack of Conversion Data and Understanding of Converting Products

The client has a diverse product set and each consumer has individual tastes and needs which leads to unstable conversions and limited amount of data to scale products. The high end inventory brings a high average order value and lengthy (10+ days) purchase cycle meaning marketing efforts can take weeks before determining true success.


Granular Targeting

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Topline Revenue
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New Users to Site

The Solution.

X Agency worked with the client to establish both short and long term goals. Balancing short term inefficiencies with long term growth..It takes data (spend) to get data and pinpoint what is truly working. XA partnered with clients to identify consumer needs and internal sales, and sought to push that within their marketing. As historical data & conversions were limited, ongoing conversations with their product team was vital in our success in growing their campaigns.



A campaign producing revenue doesn’t mean it is producing the best that your budget can provide. At X Agency, there are no tricks, gimmicks or fluff data—the only metrics we focus on are ROI and revenue. Our decisions are data driven and our reports are transparent. This means that we optimize your digital marketing campaigns with highly skilled attention to produce the most amount of revenue for the least amount of spend.

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