Capture Increased Demand And Scale Account

The Challenge.

Need to scale quickly following an inventory shortage

Following a shortage of inventory, the woom team needed to quickly pivot from lean retention + list-building efforts to a full-funnel scalable marketing program. Finding ways to quickly and efficiently scale topline revenue became woom’s top priority. Since their products also have a high AOV, the purchase cycle is lengthy (10+ days), and thus marketing efforts can take weeks before determining true success.


Exponential (and sustained) topline revenue growth and significant market share growth within the US

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The Solution.

X Agency worked with the woom team to establish short and long term goals across all paid marketing channels, balancing short term inefficiencies with long term growth.

XA developed a plan to segment campaigns by specific bike model and product categories to allow for scalable, efficient growth, while also layering audience targeting at the most granular level.

Ongoing conversations with woom’s global product + marketing teams were vital in the success of growing their campaigns. Continued feedback of sales pacing, customer feedback, and seasonality in regard to product + margin were imperative in this growth. ​


We set up a few key growth objectives to begin solving this challenge. We worked with the woom team to review top converting products and upcoming launches. We broke out paid campaigns across Google, Bing, and Meta to have more granular control over scale and CPCs and identified separate goals to balance topline revenue growth vs. ROAS.

We optimized the product title for top products to stand out from the competition. They were descriptive, yet short and concise to align with key consumer searches: bike color, tire size, etc. We also added audience exclusions to campaigns for cleaning targeting at each stage of the purchase funnel.

Lastly, we balanced topline revenue with ROAS and scaled what was working, while pulling back what wasn’t. Various product types have different margins and thus it does not make sense to scale in all areas (ex. Bikes vs. Apparel).​


A campaign producing revenue doesn’t mean it is producing the best that your budget can provide. At X Agency, there are no tricks, gimmicks or fluff data—the only metrics we focus on are ROI and revenue. Our decisions are data driven and our reports are transparent. This means that we optimize your digital marketing campaigns with highly skilled attention to produce the most amount of revenue for the least amount of spend.

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