Month: September 2020

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is October 13 and 14: Strategies to prepare your business and stand out from the crowd(ed marketplace)

Now that we (finally) know when Amazon Prime Day will be, make sure your online business is ready. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you! JUMP TO SECTION Go Into Amazon Prime Day with Your Own Promotional Strategy The promotional trifecta that will put you on the Amazon Prime day map is:1) Set up […]

The 2020 Ultimate Guide To eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

How can your eCommerce business close more sales? There are a number of strategies to increase revenue that are reliant on developing a strong marketing mix, including paid advertising, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.  In general, the primary goal for these marketing channels is to bring more traffic to your website. However, all […]

Consumer Engagement 101: Improving Brand Awareness & Customer Loyalty Through Social Media

When you think of consumer engagement, what memorable brands come to mind? Are they known for having a customer base that is made up of strong brand advocates? Among other benefits, loyal brand followers are key to continued company growth since repeat customers are much more affordable to maintain in your brand ecosystem than the […]

How to Optimize Your Product Detail Page to Be Found in Search

We know, the temptation to drop that manufacturer’s product description into your product feed and call it a day is real. However, creating useful, unique, optimized product pages is an asset to both your paid and organic digital marketing strategies.   Not only will shoppers find pertinent, and dare I say branded, information about your products […]

Join Us for X Agency’s Virtual Panel on How To Win Q4 and Holiday 2020

hear our predictions for Holiday 2020 and strategies on how to win Q4 It’s September and you’re already behind on your digital marketing strategy for Holiday 2020. Have no fear, we’re here for you. X Agency (and friends) wants to help businesses execute airtight digital marketing strategies for Q4 2020. Join us for a virtual […]

Black Friday as we know it is over. Six predictions for Holiday 2020 and how to prepare for them.

Holiday shopping will look different for most consumers this year and this means it will look different for businesses as well. Used to relying on the holiday season to bring you across the profitable finish line? A pivot in preparation for Holiday 2020 will be the key to success.  While we couldn’t predict murder hornets, […]

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